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Wine, Food and Culture

"Cellars....strolling through the vineyards"
During the tastings of the typical wines of the area we will present the Valpolicella intended also as the land rich in oenological tradition.
The visit will begin in the "barricaia" where you will see the small barrels made of French oak, passing on to the giant barrels also made from oak.
During the visit it is possible to stroll through the vineyard, where the atmosphere and scenery is truly evocative and we will show you the different ways of cultivating the vines. After the visit we will return to the cellar for the tasting which can be a base tasting of 4 wines, or together with some local gastronomic products.
Many cellars in the area also offer the possibility to have private lunches or dinners (min. 15 pers.) to be able to taste the wines during a proper meal.
"Discovering the secrets of rice"
Guided visit to the land of rice, only 15 minutes from the city of Verona, followed by a cooking course.
Guided visit of the rice fields and explanation of the history of rice. The visit continues to the still functioning "Antica Pila", built in 1650, where the rice is produced.  The visit will be followed by the cooking course, the participants will be able to prepare the dishes together with the cook. Each participant will have a recipe book with the dishes prepared during the lesson and then taste all the dishes together.
All the menus proposed are made with rice, from the appetizer to the dessert.
"Discovering Italian Cuisine"
The cooking courses are usually held by a professional cook member of the Association of Italian Cuisine. Depending on the duration of the course each lesson can be defined with the participants depending on their needs.
At the end of each lesson each participant will be able to taste the dishes prepared.
"Discover Olive Oil"
Creò Events also organizes visits to olive oil mills in the area of Valpolicella and Lake of Garda. During the visit you will be able to learn how olive oil is produced, from the harvest to the bottling. At the end of the visit you will be able to have a olive oil tasting and also a tasting of some typical products with olive oil. All the visitors will then receive a free bottle of olive oil from the area.
"Cheese Production"
Visit of a cheese factory and production of cheese in Lessinia and Valpolicella. At the end of the visit you will be able to taste some cheese of the area.
"The world of pasta"
Visit of a prestigious pasta factory in the area of Valeggio sul Mincio, which is famous for its tortellini. During the visit all the visitors will learn about the production of fresh pasta and fresh pasta with filling.
"Black gold: the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena"
Visit of a vinegar factory in the area of Modena. During the visit all the visitor will learn about the production of vinegar and the choice of barrels used for fermentation.  At the end of the visit each guest will have the possibility to taste the vinegar with a small tasting spoon. 






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