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The shopping tours can be personalized depending on the clients requests. The service consists of researching the clients requirements and organizing a tour visiting selected shops that will meet the clients choices and budget. Creò Events, upon request, will reserve private areas in the boutiques in order to guarantee privacy for the client.
Our personal shoppers will lead the tours helping with the shop assistants and giving suggestions about the lates trends and helping with any specific requirement you might have. We will help you discover handcraft artisans prestigious antiques and exclusive boutiques.
Whatever kind of tour you choose in Verona, we try to arrange the routes that pass through the most interesting streets and piazzas of the city, off the tourist beaten track. We will suggest the best restaurants, osterie, and bars where the veronese people hang out.
Having a whole day or more, our personal shoppers will lead you to descover the most exclusive outlets in Tuscany.
Thanks to our jop and contacts we are able to riserve and suggest different kind of accommodations, from 5 star hotels to holiday farms also in the Valpolicella area and Lake Garda and also characteristic bed and breakfast in the citiy centre, which are also strategically placed for shopping.
Creò Events will also organze transfer services and restaurant reservations to make sure you will never forget your stay in Verona.
Note the following guidelines are not legal advice but only come from our own experience.
Italy, like most other European Countries, imposes a value added tax (VAT or IVA) on most goods and services purchased in the country. This tax is normally included or built into the price of most goods and services. The rate of tax is about 20% of the sale price.
Every non-EU citizen is entitles to a reimbursement of the VAT tax when they purchased personal goods for more than 180 in a single shop at once. The number and the type of goods is not binding. There are procedures to follow in order to get this reimbursement and they initially include receiving a special tax refund receipt (bill of entry) which should be kept together with the goods purchased. Ensure that the retailer stamps this bill of entry for validity purposes.
If a store has a Tax Free sign on the window this means that the store participates in the Tax Free program. When making a purchase at such a store, present your passport at the cash register and ask the shop assistant to issue you a Tax Free Shopping Cheque together with the receipt. The store will charge you the tax at the time of sale. However, the Tax Free Shopping Cheque will indicate the amount of VAT refund that your are eligible to claim.
Non-Eu travellers can claim for the reimbursement either at the Italian customs office or at the last Eu Customs before their final destination outside EEC. Keep the goods bought ready together with the appropriate bill of entry for inspection by the customs officer. Customs normally inspect the relevant merchandise before stamping the Tax Refund Forms.
For more information about shopping tax free in Italy visit the web site at

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