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Beautiful, historical, romantic Verona graces the banks of the Adige River in Northern Italy with ancient Roman Ruins and architecture.
You will discover also the romance of Verona as you walk the narrow streets experiencing the passionate city rich with history. Shakespeare knew it when he penned the plays “Two Gentlemen of Verona” and “Romeo and Juliet”. “There is no world outside these walls…” expresses the impression that strikes tourists when they enter the ancient walls that surround the city.
Verona may not be the first choice when touring Italy, but it should be on the list of great places not to be missed. The Romans left behind beautiful sites that still exist. Verona has in fact one the finest amphitheatres that is still intact and used today. The Roman Arena seats 20,000 spectators, fill your heart and soul with music by attending an opera in the Arena or a jazz concert, ballet, play by Shakespeare at the Roman Theatre.
Continue your visit to the street where Romeo’s love, Juliet, supposedly lived. Let your journey continue to picturesque Piazza delle Erbe, which was a Roman Forum. Today you’ll find a colourful market and you will be able to admire Romanesque and Gothic Architecture. Like many European cities Verona has a lot of magnificent curches and cathedrals. Don’t miss the Duomo built atop a previous medieval church. Spend some time at Castelvecchio, a castle built by Cangrande II della Scala for protection against invasion and now transformed into a museum.
-         Accomodation arrangements
-         Transfer service
-         Restaurant reservations
-         Private dinner organization
-         Organization of guided tours and show bookings for the Arena and Teatro Romano
-         Floral Design Course
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